Buying a Hoglet

What do I do to get a hoglet from you?
Well, it depends. If we have hoglets looking for homes you can message me for a questionnaire.
Or if we don't have any at the time you can ask to go onto our waiting list. We will then email you when a litter is born and go from there.

Is there anyone you wont sell to?
We do not supply pet shops. We do not sell hogs to people who are passing them on to anyone else.

Do you require a deposit?
We do. If you want one of our hoglets you must supply a £50 deposit. This is non-refundable unless we the breeders pull out for whatever reason, then you get your money back.

Do you have a care sheet I can look at?
Of course, drop me an email and I will forward the care guide to you.

What does my hoglet come with?
Food, registration certificate, pouch, aveeno oil, sales contract and on going support.

Can I come and visit my hoglet?
You are more than welcome to after the hoglet has turned 4 weeks. Please give us at least a weeks notice as we do have lives outside of hedgehogs.

Can I call you?
You're welcome to email or call but please do keep it within reason. Between 10am - 6pm would be best. If I miss your call I will return it.

Us as breeders
Buying a Hedgehog is more than just putting money in the breeders hand and walking away.
We treasure each and every one of our hogs and our care extends well past when they leave us.
Buying a hoglet from us means you have 24 hour support and guidance should you need it. Your hoglet is also welcome back to board with us for Holidays anytime.
Please ensure when filling out our questionnaire you are honest, if you are found to be lying I will remove you from the waiting list.