Hazel - Yvonne

Poppy Litter - 03/09/11

Hazel Hazel

Emma and Scott are very helpful breeders, giving me lots of advicebefore out little girl arrived.
Also advising us on the best home needed and other things that little APH need. Hazel came to us at 8 weeks old, a lovely friendly girl. She was wellhandled and a lively fit hedghog.
We were given an info sheet with lots of advice and a snuggle bag.

Emma has always been at hand to give me any help i need or put my mindat rest on anything that Hazel may be doing.
I cannot recommend them enough as breeders of APH's they really docare so much for the animals they breed.

Pumpkin - Lyn

Poppy Litter - 03/09/11

Pumpkin Pumpkin

Its my personal opinion that Emma is a great breeder of APH. I put a deposit down on my boy Pumpkin when he was about 4 weeks. I was informed from the very begginning of Pumpkins needs. I was given a caresheet and advice before i even got him. He arrived at 8 weeks old. He was happy and very healthy, we was even litter trained and a good eater. His mother looked healthy and in good condition also. I was given a pouch, some aveeno oil, some cat kibble for him and his birth certificate.

Overall Emma is an excellent breeder, gives the correct advice and continues to give advice even after he has been with me for months. She has a good knowledge of APH's needs and Ethics with breeding. It was a pleasurable experience adopting from her and she is highly reccommended.

Barney - Kasey

Breeze & Theo Litter - 03/07/12

Barney Barney

Emma was a lovely helpful breeder as i recently purchased a hog male called barney, i had regular weekly pics sent to me throughout & she kept him till the show day for me to pick up there were she also entered him into best male under 5 months for me and he came 2nd place. He is a very healthy well handled lovely boy who has settled in as though he's always been hear, he came with his pouch, food, ball, care sheet, reg form & his oil... couldn't be happier with barney he is a credit to Emma at Arcticfrost Hedgehogs & i would recommend her to anyone looking to purches a hog.

Holly - Rebekah Morris

Breeze & Theo Litter - 03/07/12


I had contacted Emma upon seeing her advertise her little Girl, Daven for sale. We kept in touch through email for a few days after filling in a questionnaire. Because I could not travel to see her little girl without spending tonnes on public transport, she kindly offered to fetch her to my home.

Upon Emma, Scott and Daven’s arrival they were very friendly, answered any questions that I had, handed me her care sheet, registry sheet and her starter pack with pouch, food, toy etc. When handling Daven I could tell that she had been clearly well looked after, handled often as she wasn’t huffy, spines were all down, eyes bright and alert and she had even been bathed before she was brought. I have kept in touch with Emma, and she also referred me to her facebook page, and other pages through facebook where I can get more than enough information from lots of helpful breeders if I ever need any. I can be assured that if I had any worries or doubts, that Emma and Scott will be there to provide a lifetime of support, and for all of this I can recommend them greatly as APH breeders and may possibly buy another hoggie from them in the future (that’s if I can persuade my partner, lol).

I have re-named Daven as Holly, seeing as its nearly that time of year again where everyone goes mad about Christmas and it suits my spiky-plant name theme. She is settling in well and is definitely the hog of the house. A massive thank you to you both, and you are a credit to the Breeders of APHs.